Hidden Natural Tourism of Men Laot Waterfall on Sabang Island, Aceh

Hidden Natural Tourism of Men Laot Waterfall on Sabang Island, Aceh

Men Laot Waterfall – My impression is that Weh Island is a very small island that offers visitors a wide range of opportunities for viewing, many of which are in close proximity to one another and easily accessible.

In addition, it encourages travelers to go closer to the many tourist spots that are located in Sabang. During that time, I went to a number of other places, including the Men Laot Waterfall, which is located smack dab in the midst of Pulau Weh. From the downtown area of Sabang City, a leisurely drive will take around thirty minutes.

Hidden Natural Tourism of Men Laot Waterfall on Sabang Island, Aceh

Also, the protected woodland is a really lovely place. In light of this, I would like to extend an invitation to all residents of the area as well as tourists that stop by, asking them to work together to preserve the natural setting of this popular tourist destination.

Our attention was drawn to a turn in the road that was similar to any other turn in the road; at that particular bend in the road, there was the phrase “Waterfall” along with an arrow emerging from the tarmac.

Those of us who had just finished snorkeling at Iboih Beach and were still wearing wet clothing were suddenly overcome with excitement when we realized that we could rinse off in the copious and pure fresh water that was available.

Because of its abundance of beaches and reputation as a haven for scuba divers, Sabang has become a popular vacation spot due to the aquatic activities that can be enjoyed there. On the other hand, in addition to the beach, there is another attraction in Sabang that you can check out, and that is a waterfall.

Those who have gone to Sabang most likely are aware of the existence of this waterfall, which is, without a doubt, known as the Men Laot Waterfall.

Those who are planning a trip to Sabang shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a dip in the pool below this waterfall. After touring the city of Sabang, as well as purchasing some souvenirs that are souvenirs from Sabang, and after having lunch in the center of the city of Sabang, we continued our journey to go to the Men’s Waterfall.

Together with our friends, we took the time to go to this Men Laot Waterfall. After that, we continued our journey to go to the Men’s Waterfall. These waters.

The Men Laot Waterfall can be found on Upper Mount Sarong Keris, which is situated in the southern region of Pulau Weh.

This waterfall is just about 12 kilometers away from the heart of Sabang City, in the direction of the Zero Kilometer Point of Indonesia. While we traveled via Sabang on motorcycles, it is possible to reach the Men Laot Waterfall by automobile as well.

We arrived at the parking area at around one in the afternoon, which is the home page of local inhabitants. The parking cost is just IDR 2,000 per motorbike, and after that, we had to continue on foot in order to reach the Waterfall.

The walk to the waterfall, which takes around 15 minutes to reach, is definitely worth the time spent. In addition,

The walk has been paved with cement; nonetheless, there are several sections of the road that have been wrecked, and the route must go through areas with huge stones because it is located near the river.

Take some time to savor the tranquility and the natural splendor of your surrounds, as well as the sound of the river running by, which is unpolluted and pristine.

The singing of the birds can still be heard very clearly, creating an ambiance that those of us who live in metropolitan areas will always find ourselves yearning for. (Men Laot Waterfall)

When we went, there were not nearly as many people there as there are now, so we were able to take full advantage of the natural setting that surrounds the Men Laot Waterfall. After a seemingly endless amount of time spent climbing over and around enormous boulders, we finally made it to the waterfall. (Men Laot Waterfall)

Due to the hot temperature, I found that I was unable to refrain from running directly beneath the falling waterfall right away. The temperature of the water is all that is needed to provide relief from the oppressive heat of Sabang. (Men Laot Waterfall)

The height of the Waterfall is around 10 meters, while the depth of the pool that is located just under the Waterfall is between 1 and 2 meters. (Men Laot Waterfall)

We will have to continue on our voyage to the Sabang zero kilometer mark and snorkel on Rubiah Island, which is a shame since we would have liked to enjoy and soak beneath the waterfall for a significant amount of time. (Men Laot Waterfall)

When you travel to Sabang, you shouldn’t leave without seeing the Laot Men Waterfall because maybe there is a short story that happened when you were there. (Men Laot Waterfall)

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