Captivating White Sand Beach Lhok Mee Beach in Aceh

Captivating White Sand Beach Lhok Mee Beach in Aceh

Lhok Mee Beach Located in Aceh Besar, the White Sand Beach is another name for Lhok Mee Beach. The trees that populate the area along the shoreline are what make it special.

Till this day, Islamic sharia principles and practices have been upheld in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The province, situated as it is at the very end of Sumatra Island, has also become a popular tourism destination among both domestic and international travelers. There is a stunning array of beaches, including the renowned Lhok Mee Beach, known for its powdery white sand.

Lhok Mee Beach is well-known for its beautiful length of pure white sand, which resembles pearls in the water. In addition, the sea water at this popular destination, which draws primarily young people, is a pristine, beautiful shade of blue. It’s no surprise that many people come to the beach for the sole purpose of taking silly selfies. Besides its more common name, “White Sand Beach,” this beach has a few more common nicknames.

Lamreh Village, Masjid Raya District, Aceh Besar District, Aceh Province is where you’ll find this beach. It takes at least 40 kilometers, or approximately 45 minutes of travel time, for visitors from Banda Aceh to reach Lhok Mee Beach. In addition, this popular destination is not far from Malahayati Port.

The road to the beach has been recently resurfaced, and while it is located some distance from Aceh’s provincial seat, it is in excellent shape. There are beautiful vistas of green hills and the ocean to be had along the route. But, you should still exercise caution, since many roads have severe bends and elevation changes.

Captivating White Sand Beach Lhok Mee Beach in Aceh

Beyond those hills is a secret gem known as Lhok Mee Beach. Tourists who don’t have a good sense of direction will be lost trying to find this beach, which is hidden behind some hills. Visitors may simply ask a local for help finding the stunning beach located nearby.

When we finally reached the beach, it was as if the lengthy trip had never happened. Visitors will find a lengthy stretch of pure white sand along the shore. Every visitor may feel at home on the powdery white sand, which is cooled by a little ocean wind.

The turquoise tint of the waters at Lhok Mee Beach is another perk. The allure of this beach, with its soft sand and clear water, seems to compel every tourist to have an immediate swim. In addition, the waves at this beach tend to be quite mild, so visitors need not worry about getting swept away by the ocean when swimming or playing.

Trees that really grow in the sea make this beach in Aceh Besar stand out from the others. This tree is a kind of mangrove plant that acts as a buffer against erosion and a breakwater for passing waves. During high tide, the sea water will completely submerge the trees. Yet, if the tide goes out, visitors to the beach will be treated to a sight unlike any other: the exposed roots of plants.

The locals use the name “Geurumbang tree” to refer to it. It turns out that this phenomena is a must-see for vacationers. Photos taken at Lhok Mee Beach typically have a geurumbang tree in the backdrop.

But, the underwater scenery of Lhok Mee Beach is almost as breathtaking. Beautiful coral reefs of all kinds may be found, along with a variety of adorable fish that inhabit the shallows. Since the water is so pure, visitors to this beach may gaze down to the seafloor and marvel at its splendor. Nonetheless, tourists need to be wary of corals and pointed mangrove roots that might inflict serious foot injuries.

Lhok Mee Beach Facilities

Lhok Mee Beach also has a full complement of visitor amenities. Because the parking lot is sufficiently spacious, visitors who drive their own cars need not worry about finding a spot. You may also use the restrooms and change into dry clothing at the beach’s public facilities.

In addition, there are stores and huts providing a wide range of tasty treats to satisfy your appetite. Much of the cuisine sold at the vendors at Lhok Mee Beach is prepared from fish that has been processed. Instant noodles, young coconut ice, and hot coffee are also available to visitors at reasonable prices.

In addition, there are many of hotels and motels in the area for visitors to stay in while they explore the sights. Accommodations for visitors come at a wide range of costs. Make do with what you can afford. Lhok Mee Beach has all the makings of a popular tourist destination, with a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of fun watersports to enjoy.

1. Enjoying the Beauty of the Beach

Lhok Mee Beach is a good alternative beach destination for tourists visiting Aceh. The pristine white sands and pure blue water make for a breathtaking natural scene at this beach. You are welcome to run around in the sand, build sandcastles, or simply sit back and relax on the beach and take in the sounds of the waves lapping against the coast.

Swimming and general water play are also possible in this environment. Adorable fish occasionally lurk in the depths beneath the reefs. The aquatic life at Lhok Mee Beach is stunning, and it’s easy to spot even from the shore. It’s true that this location is ideal for getting away from the city for a bit. This destination also benefits from a lovely ambience and pristine beach conditions.

2. Fishing on the Beach

The mangrove trees on Lhok Mee Beach may be used as fishing bait. To get to the best fishing spots, locals often have to climb a tree. You should abandon your fishing plans if you are not adept at climbing.

3. Culinary Tourism

Lined out neatly along the beach are kiosks and pubs selling a wide variety of Aceh delicacies. About all of these stands sell seafood for cooking. Fried fish, crab, tiger prawns, and many more delicacies may be yours at a reasonable price.

These stands face the ocean so that visitors may dine while taking in breathtaking views. A cup of aceh coffee is the perfect way to unwind if you’re a coffee connoisseur. In addition to traditional beverages, young coconut ice is a refreshing option for those who are parched from a day of beach fun.

Opening Hours and Ticket Prices for Lhok Mee Beach

Guests may enjoy Lhok Mee Beach between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm WIB. In order to gain access to the beach, visitors must purchase a ticket for Rp 5,000 per person. Vehicle parking costs are included in the price.

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